Frequently asked questions

What is this website?

This is the official merchandise store of Zen Pencils, a website that adapts famous quotes into fun comics and posters. They're illustrated by me, Gavin Aung Than.

What happened to your old store?

That store was started when Zen Pencils was still young and I needed a quick solution to sell some prints. It was messy, prints were all different sizes and they cost too much for customers. I wanted to redesign a lot of my old prints to look better as standalone posters, so I thought it was also a good time to launch a new store. Most importantly, by hooking up with a new supplier means you get bigger posters for a cheaper price.

You call $35 USD cheap?! I can buy a glossy movie poster for $8 - why should I pay $35?

These posters are way better quality than your typical movie poster. Think of them more as an art print. Firstly, they're printed on beautiful, heavy-duty paper stock and have a lovely matte art finish. Trust me, you will notice the difference. And secondly, those $8 movie posters are produced by multi-million dollar global licensing companies that print thousands of copies at a time. My posters are printed on-demand, one at a time and handled individually.

Why isn't the Zen Pencils comic I want to buy not available?

I'll slowly be releasing more of the old designs each week. I'm redesigning most of them to look great as a vertical poster and that takes time. However many of the most popular Zen Pencils comics are not available because I don't have permission from the author to sell it. Recent poems and book passages are copyrighted. I know this is frustrating to many of you but it's one of the sad realities when selling posters that use other people's words. 

Can you send me a hi-res pdf file of a comic that I can print out myself just for personal use?

Sorry, under no circumstances do I give away my hi-res files.

Do you offer any discounts or promos?

I'm currently offering promotions to my email subscribers. You can sign up here. Not only will you get promos for this store, you'll also get 3 free PDF poster downloads and a subscription to all my Zen Pencils comic updates. If you're already a subscriber, then you don't need to subscribe again.

All good? Cool. Thanks for supporting Zen Pencils.